Our 5 Favorite Songs Right Now

It's starting to get colder and we've been listening to a few songs on repeat to fill all of our music needs. After asking around here at DifferentRegard I've put together a list of some of those songs that get us going every morning.

The first song we have is a new one by Martin Garrix called Pizza, don't let the name fool you- somehow equally beautiful as the name is funny.

Next we have the Earth Song by the king himself, Michael Jackson. Not only a classic but it has a message in, what else could you look for in a fall tune?

We have another recent release of the new P!nk song What About Us. Tragically beautiful, inspiring, uplifting, and everything we need as the temperature drops by the day.

In the Michael Jackson vein, we also have a Janet Jackson song, Escapade. Another classic feeling song that's guaranteed to get anyone hyped up and ready to go get work done.

Our last song on the list is Slide by Calvin Harris, Migos, and Frank Ocean. It invokes a relaxing, sit back and enjoy the weather mood that regardless of season is sure to impress.

Dominick DavisComment