It's Time to Put Your Socks Back On

While the act of showing your ankles is something actually pretty divisive in the fashion world, we've all had days here and there where we just can't be bothered to wear socks with our shoes. Some love it because it breaks up the line and lets everything breathe a little more some hate it because it smells and overall doesn't serve any real purpose.

Recently it has come to light that those in support of wearing socks might be on to something. Doctors have reportedly seen a drastic increase in fungal infections in those who are younger than 25 years old. By not wearing socks you are letting your foot soak in its own sweat for an entire day. This gives plenty of opportunities for fungus to grow and not only smell horribly but develop even further into athletes foot.

Let's just agree now that fungal infections, horrible smells, dry cracked feet, and blisters aren't worth the aesthetic of no socks, okay? And even if you do crave that aesthetic just invest in some no show socks and you'll get the same appearance without risking your foot health!

Dominick DavisComment