How Each Color Makes People Perceive You

Blue: Wearing a blue suit is a classic and shows tradition especially in interviews and meetings.

Dark Gray: A dark gray suit can add age for a younger guy and makes people more inclined to take you seriously. It also makes you seem relatively unbiased due to its nearly neutral appearance.

Red: While red suits aren't very common, there is a reason that presidential candidates always wear red ties. Red is a power color and wearing deeper red hues adds wisdom and perceived education.

White: Similar to the angels and old roman artwork white denotes purity. It shows cleanliness, honesty, and motivated.

Black: Formal, Loyal, Respectful.

Green: Green, apparently, is used by a lot of doctors to keep patients focused and calm. When delivering bad news it helps to lessen the blow.

Neutral Tones: Neutral tones, since they are neutral, make you appear very approachable. You are perceived to stand on a middle ground and will be used to make impartial decisions.


Dominick DavisComment