What Does a Break in Pants Mean?

As times change so do trends in styling. The "Rules of Fashion" are more so guidelines and it's up to each individual to choose how they present themselves. One very distinct way of showing how in on trends and aware of style you are is by the break of your pants. If you didn't read the description the break of your pants is the creasing of the fabric where the pant leg where it meets your shoe. There are four common lengths for breaks, and here's what they mean.

  1.  No Break
    Having no break in your pants means that the bottom of your pants is just above the top of your shoe, barely touching. This is the hardest to pull off and screams fashion forward with extremely precise tailoring. It looks best when you have tapered pant legs and typically looks best on slim young men.
  2. Quarter Break
    The quarter break says that you know how things should fit. You care how things are fitted without caring enough about being fashion forward. Keeping it simple with no cuff it shows a contemporary edge without being too aggressive. This looks good on basically everybody, especially with a slim width to the pants. It is a very modern look that is hard to mess up.
  3. Half Break
    Having a half break is seen as a more conservative style. It is a classic style that is preferred by middle-aged men and those who have a little extra weight on them. It says you are serious about style and don't want anything too tapered but have a quality tailor.
  4. Full Break
    A full break in the pant legs are currently the least common type of pant break. The pants should be well draped over the shoes and gathered around the ankles. It is stylistically the most conservative and old styled and most people who wear them are older or heavier men.
Dominick DavisComment