Meet the Team: Blake

Name: Blake Caple

Where are you from?
Raised in New Hampshire but school & adulthood here in Baltimore.

What do you do with DifferentRegard?
I do marketing, notably the social media and this blog.

What part of your position is most challenging?
I actually studied dance, business, and arts administration in school so while I have some marketing experience I am very much learning on the fly which is hard when you're such a perfectionist.

And most enjoyable?
I love being a part of a small team where everyone is so intertwined in what everyone else is doing. I interact with everyone every day so I love getting to be creative and being around creativity.

What interests you about fashion?
I've always dressed a little bit odd and it took me a long time to become comfortable in my own skin and since then I've found a lot of freedom in standing out, whether that be by wearing crazy outfits or by being the nicest dressed in the room. I think what you wear is very telling about who you are as a person but also you can create your image when meeting stranger so I love seeing how people create their own image.

How did your love of fashion/ designing develop?
I would always watch red carpet events before award shows on tv and for some reason, I was so fascinated with the outfits that I would start trying to replicate the themes (flashback to when I wore an all-white outfit consisting of sweatpants and a hoodie, yikes). Soon I developed a taste and reasoning for liking or disliking things and I began to care more and more about what I was wearing and how I presenting myself. My mindset is "you are what you let others think you are" so I move forward wearing high-quality loud clothing so everyone else can get ready for me.

What else do you do besides working here?
I was working with a dance company down in D.C. for a while but decided to go separate ways with them so I'm currently working at an Orangetheory Fitness in Hunt Valley and in a box office at Creative Alliance in Highlandtown.

What is your favorite article of clothing and why?
I have this amazing green pull-over jacket that was my dads from the 80's. I stole it from him when I was younger and it's my absolute favorite to travel with. It's come with me to over 20 countries.

Who are some of your style inspirations?
I'm actually not sure that I have specific people or eras that inspire me. There are just certain articles of clothing that speak to me that I have to have. 

If you had to describe your style in less than five words how would you?
I used to dance for up to 8 hours every day so for that then 100% athleisure but when I'm actually dressing like a human then probably modern earth-toned avant-garde.

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