Meet the Team: Jasmine

Name: Jasmine Heath

Where are you from?
From Baltimore.

What do you do at DifferentRegard?
I am a seamstress for Different Regard. I assist is creating garments and altering garments.

What is your history with DR?
I don’t have much of a history with DR. I found out about them this past summer.

What part of your position is most challenging?
The most challenging part of my position is learning new techniques. It’s a great challenge.

And the most enjoyable?
The most enjoyable is also that I’m learning.

What interests you about fashion?
The most interesting part about fashion is construction.
My love of fashion developed from realizing people designed t shirts. I didn’t know that was something people could do. After that moment I researched it and started my own journey.

What is your favorite article of clothing and why?
My favorite article of clothing currentlyis the coat. I’m a big fan of layers and draping. Coats/jackets allow for a lot of versatility.

Who are some of your style inspiration?
My style inspirations include Jacob Keller, Bryant Giles, and Beija Velez.

If you had to describe your style in less than five words how would you?
My current style is simple. Mainly streetwear/oversized. 

Dominick DavisComment