Getting the Perfect Shirt/ Tie Pairing

You wake up every morning and start getting ready for the day. When it comes time to pick out your outfit you head over to your closet where everything is hanging in color coordinated order. You stare blankly into the abyss and start thinking about different combinations of shirts and ties. You keep thinking about how those wardrobe choices will make you be seen or how people will like them. After spending an embarrassingly long time choosing what you're going to wear you realize that you're just going to wear one of the five outfits that you just cycle through. If you personally don't do this then we know someone who does, Let me be the first person to say - it's time to make a change. It's time to reclaim your wardrobe and finally use those ties that you thought you'd use all the time but in reality haven't left the closet once. When looking at your shirts and ties you can break down your matching options into two groups: "solid with pattern" and "pattern on pattern."

Solid and Pattern:


Let's start simple. When playing in colors the first rule is: don't wear a combination that "bleeds" together, basically avoid pairs that are the same color or even mostly the same color. A super helpful piece of advice that I once got was to match is one light piece one dark. Having a pairing that bring out an accent color will always go over well and is sure to get some compliments.

Pattern on Pattern:


The major problem I've come across in matching patterns is knowing when a pattern works and when it doesn't. The key to successful pattern combinations that I've found is making sure that the patterns aren't the same size or pattern. It doesn't take much thought to realize why pairing a large checker with another large checker doesn't make much sense. Try mixing a large stripe or polka dot with a small checkers pattern. Most of all don't be afraid of the fun unconventional patterns like floral, animals, or paisley.


The best part of all of this is that rules are meant to be broken. If you get inspired and want to test out some other combinations that may not follow these rules it's all your choice to find what helps you express yourself however you want.