DifferentRegard is an American-made clothing brand that produces luxurious and well tailored garments for those who relish high-quality and mixing patterns.  DifferentRegard offers the modern gentleman "Classic Style with a Modern Edge.

DifferentRegard offers a plethora of bold fabric options and classic patterns that will enhance your style and wardrobe.  We understand the importance of owning clothes that fit properly, while offering services that reflects your individual style.  Different Regard offers made-to-measure shirts, pants. jackets, vests, and suits, wardrobe consulting, wardrobe styling. and a list of other services.  Contact us to schedule an appointment for visit our store for ready-to-wear designs on Baltimore City's historic Antique Row, to pursue and develop your new look.

Dominick Davis and Steven White first collaborated in 2005. Their style was initially criticized by family and friends for “being too stylish,” but they decided to embrace what made them different.  Growing up in the urban streets of Baltimore, MD.

Returning home to the States, after Dominick finish surviving the war in Iraq.  Dominick was even more inspired to come back home to the states to create what he always had a passion for. Dominick and Steven continued to seek each others advice and creativity. As young talented designers fresh out of school and fresh out of the military they found themselves working for other fashion labels in Baltimore, MD   . After refining men’s haute couture for several years, they’d set aside enough savings to devote themselves fully to the self made brand DifferentRegard.  DifferentRegard is now being worn by people all around the world.